Feedback on the Forum

The San Francisco Forum of the Foundation took place on October, 10th to 12th 2014. The focus of this event was entrepreneurship.

Its objectives were first of all, to enable the participants to meet and to get to know each other, then to listen to high-quality speakers who wanted to share their entrepreneurial and professional experiences, and finally, to present the achievements of the Foundation within two years of existence.

Highlights from the Forum

1. Startup challenge

Startup Challenge awards

Our biggest achievement was the Startup challenge, which final phase took place during the Forum. The three final contestants presented their entrepreneurial projects. The audience voted for the best project and attended the award ceremony – awards funded by our Foundation.

Again, we would like to congratulate Guilhem de Marliave and Timothée Penet of the Elistair project for winning the competition, and Geoffroy Reiser and Rémy Taglang of the Food Novate project and Raphaël Azot of the YoFitness project for being equally ranked at the second and third place.
Thanks to the success of the challenge at the Forum, we are pleased to announce that a second edition will take place in 2015! Once more, we cannot wait to be astonished by the quality of the projects presented. For those of you who would like to participate in the Startup Challenge, 2015 edition, please do not hesitate to contact Jose Schulmann ([email protected]), Marie-Hélène Steinman ([email protected]) or Aurore Poirier ([email protected]).

2. Mentoring program

Through the mentoring program, led by Vincent Payet (EMLYON00) and Marie-Hélène Steinman (EMLYON95), the 17 projects which applied to the Startup Challenge, 2014 edition, are each followed by a mentor, alumni from École Centrale de Lyon or EMLYON Business School.

3. Other projects

Round-tablesAs a conclusion of the Forum, the participants gathered around round-tables and brought up some new ideas for the Foundation such as the writing of white papers on special themes, increasing the number of testimonies from alumni, encouraging alumni to visit the campus of Ecully and to meet students… Those projects can only be created thanks to your commitment and your support to the Foundation.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Team Leader of your cluster or any other member of the community of the Foundation to share your ideas and your desire to commit to our projects.







The purpose of the Foundation is very specific: support strategic projects of both schools along a strong entrepreneurial principle and a global mindset. Its ecosystem is made of the schools, you – the members of the community of the Foundation, and students of the campus. The participation of both schools’ Directors and of the President of the Science & Business Alliance in the San Francisco Forum does prove how much our action is supported and appreciated in Ecully.

Those are all very promising and enriching projects, that can only be shaped thanks to your support. We do count on you for this coming year and hope to see you all again in New York at the fall 2015 for our next Forum!

Cruise on the Empress Hornblower

Photos by Thierry Regnier. 

All the photos are available on our Facebook page.