Final results – Startup Challenge 2016

The final phase of the third edition of the 2016 Startup Challenge took place in San Francisco, on Friday, October 14. The three teams pitched their projects at a reception organized at the Consular Residence of the General Consul of France in San Francisco, Mr. Emmanuel Le Brun-Damiens.

The audience was made of alumni, students and representatives of both schools. Each team had 3 minutes to present its project, followed up by a 10-minute session of questions & answers. They each defended their project with great fervor.

Following the votes of Allyage’s donors, we have the pleasure to announce the results of the challenge:


The first prize of $15,000 was awarded to CleanCup, project led by Eléonore Blondeau (emlyon15) & Lionel Amieux;

logo-teedji nanovare

The second and third prizes of $2,500 were awarded Teedji, project led by Gaëtan Piolot (Centrale Lyon), Lucas Quinonero (Centrale Lyon) and François Rostker (ISTY); and Nanovare, project led by Tobias Böcker (emlyon14), Fanny Chesa (Arts et Métiers ParisTech 16), Mohamed Tahas (Centrale Lyon PhD17) and Daniel Thomas (Centrale Lyon 14).




Follow them on Twitter: @TeedjiApp | @Nanovare | @CupClean

We wish them all great success in their entrepreneurial adventure!