Concorde Program

The “Concorde Program” was Allyage’s new project in 2015. It has been initiated by Frank Debouck, Director of École Centrale de Lyon and facilitated thanks to two EMLYON alumni in the Bay Area: Eric Poindessault and Kevin Smouts.

The purpose of this program is to allow a student from the Lyonnais campus, to benefit from the services of an incubator / co-working space in the Bay area to develop his/her startup project. Being immersed in a tech and fast-growing startup environment, the student will accelerate the development of his/her project.



The host of this program is Parisoma, “a space where ideas meet execution”.



2015: Pilot edition

For this pilot, Alexandre Corbel (last year student at École Centrale de Lyon) spent three months at Parisoma, starting in June 2015. Below, read Alexandre’s progress updates:

His project: PerfDesk

2016: Second editionlogo dos V5

We are pleased to offer the opportunity of this program to three students in 2016. They will be joining Parisoma on May 1, 2016 for a period of 3 months to develop their startups. The 2016 candidates are:

  • François Guezengar, a student of the double-degree CENTRALE LYON – EMLYON, who develops EdgeMotion;
  • Nicolas Morin, a student of École Centrale de Lyon, who develops iDeaRoom;
  • Lucas Quinonero, a student from École Centrale de Lyon, who develops Teedji.

To learn more about their projects and follow their adventure in San Francisco, please visit their website.

For those of you in the area of San Francisco who would like to meet them, please do not hesitate to contact them! They would be more than happy to get your feedback on their projects.