The mission of the Foundation is to support joint projects between École Centrale de Lyon & EMLYON Business School, projects that target entrepreneurial development. In this framework, we decided to support the CODAPPS Bus Tour.


What is CODAPPS?

CODAPPS stands for Coding Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs. It is a course created by Clément Levallois, Assistant Professor at EMLYON Business School, in September 2015. It is taught in the classroom at EMLYON and is also available as a free MOOC on

The objective of the course is to teach entrepreneurs how to create native mobile apps and distribute them on all major app stores. It is the first course proposing the development of cross-platform native apps for complete beginners. The course is taught in English to reach students and professionals from all regions of the world, with local chapters activated by ambassadors from the MOOC.

The CODAPPS MOOC was launched on September 23. You can register via this link.


The aim of the CODAPPS Bus Tour was to visit 6 major European cities for seven days to advertise the course and meet enthusiasts who wanted to become local ambassadors for this online course. It took place from August 31 until September 6, 2015 and was a great success!

Below, the different stops of the bus tour:

capture 2 Capture

Thanks to Lexane, the blogger of the team of the bus tour, you can read some feedback on each day spent in those different cities:

Here is a teaser of the MOOC. If you are interested, it’s still time to register to the MOOC: follow this link.