New York & East Coast Cluster

New York & East coast cluster

Reunion of the New York & East Coast cluster; come join us!
From left to right: Leo Lemordant (Centrale Lyon 08), Co-Founder Enerfip; Christophe Risterucci (EMLYON96), CEO Lampe Berger US; Louis Brunet (EMLYON08), Co-founder Odealarose; Jerome Spiral (Centrale Lyon 98) Co-founder and COO ZUP & co-Team Leader New York & East Coast cluster; Henry Gazay (Centrale Lyon 91) CEO Medimix & Vice-Chair of the Advisory Council of the Foundation; Marie-Josee O’Keefe (EMLYON89) Event coordinator American Scandinavian foundation & co-Team Leader of New York & East Coast cluster.
Date: Thursday, October, 30th 2014